Terms & Conditions and Students Manual for Students at F.A.S.T

Registration Fees : Payable in lump sum and is not refundable in any case.

Course Fees : Shall be payable as per the agreed terms and one paid the same shall not be refundable irrespective of students attending the classes. Where fees is payable on periodic basis, no fees shall be refunded even if student has attending classes for only a day/part of the month.

Fees Once Deposited Is Not Refundable / Transferable, In Any Case.

Non - transferable : The registration is not transferable is any case and the candidate shall not be on his own permitted to transfer the registration and undergo coaching at any of the other branches of F.A.S.T. Further the discretion of faculty talking classes shall solely lie with the management and the registration/ courses fees is not faculty specific.

Rights : It is hereby agreed by you, that the Institute shall have rights to publish or advertise the photographs of meritorious / eligible students on its own discretion.

Indemnification : You undertake that you shall be responsible for good upkeep of Institute’s property and indemnify any loss caused to the property whether intentionally or unintentionally.

Risk Clause : You shall be wholly and solely responsible for maintenance of your property and any loss/ theft of your properties whether from the premise of Institute or from surrounding areas, including vehicle parking areas, etc.

Disclaimer of Offers : Offers advertised are subject to specific conditions and you undertake that you have clearly understood the applicable terms and conditions (applicable In case of enrollment for any particular offer of F.A.S.T).

Undertaking : You undertake that all the information provided by you is true and correct and are further aware that in case of any misrepresentation of information provided you shall be along with your principal liable for penal proceeding and shall compensate the loss caused by F.A.S.T on account of your misrepresentation. Further you have understood the terms and conditions before joining the Institute.

Jurisdiction : All disputes subjected to Indore Jurisdiction.

    Student Manual & Registration Process

Students registering for any course of FAST are requested to STRICTLY adhere to the following registration process without any exceptions :

  1. Student should collect the REGISTRATION FORM at the time of payment of REGISTRATION FEES from the Centre.

  2. Student should submit the fees along with the complete registration form (along with 3 photographs) within 3 days of joining the classes failing which the management shall have sole powers to restrict entry in the classes. Students are requested to kindly co-operate in this regard to avoid unnecessary follow-ups and embarrassment for the staff as well as students.

  3. No fees should be submitted without collecting the FEES RECEIPT

  4. While submitting the REGISTRATION FORM please re-collect the COUNTER attached in FORM with signature of the staff without fall, as a proof of submission of FORM.

  5. FEES RECEIPT & COUNTER shall be preserve always till the completion of batch The . Losing FEES RECEIPT may be considered as non-payment of fees or loosing COUNTER attached to the form may tantamount to non-submission of FORM. Issue of duplicate. FEES RECEIPT shall cost 100/- and issue of DUPLICATE FORM shall cost repayment of registration fees.

  6. On submission of Form may given to the student with his photo attached. The same needs to be collected and carried DAILY in the class. Non display of ID Cards at the time of entry shall tantamount to non-payment of fees and student may be restricted to attend the class.

    Batch Transfer - Process

  1. Batch transfer shall be allowed in case of exceptions & only after written approval from the concerned faculty.

  2. A fee of Rs. 1000 shall be levied for batch transfer.

    Reissuance of Card

  1. Application in specified format shall be required for reissuance of batch card.

  2. A fee of Rs 100 shall be levied for duplicated batch card.


  1. Students are required to show the card for issuance of notes & other study material. I –cards thereby needs to be carried on daily basis and staff shall have sole rights to prohibit entry on account of students not showing their I-Cards.

  2. Any change in students contact numbers should be intimated to the office to continue receiving updates / info through SMS.

  3. Polite behavior with the back office staff is expected from the student

  4. The complete process needs to be followed without any fail or exceptions.

Disclaimer : The coaching in no case is to be considered as a guarantee of clearing the examinations and is only assistance to candidates for preparing to Examinations.

Misconduct : In case of any misconduct during the classes or while in the premises of the Institute or on account of any misrepresentation, the Management shall have rights to dispel you from the Institute and cancel your registration and the decision of the Management shall be final. However, opportunity of being heard shall be given.

Confidentiality : Students shall maintain confidentially of the Institute’s material.

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